Monday, December 15, 2008

The Morning After...

For the whole of this year, we've been working like mad, building up to this moment.

Well, the moment arrived, happened and was as fabulous as we'd hoped it could be.

So, now what?

We've launched the album, put on a good show, tied up the loose ends... but here we are. Confused. Bewildered. Blinking in the strange morning light. Slightly lost.

Because, with each attaining of a goal, comes a new scarier quest; creating a new goal worthy of taking the place of the previous goal.

But what could be a cooler goal than the one we had? Creating a new brand of music, and launching it into a hostile market? Well, that's done, and something new is needed.

So, here we are on the cusp of creating our first video.

Inhale... exhale...

The new goal is set.

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