Monday, October 12, 2009

Superpowers: Episode 01

The hardest thing about trying to do a blog about the band is attempting to find something interesting to put up here. I've already talked about Linkin Park and JAB, so I guess I can no longer vacillate, I've got to mention Murfy's sooner or later.

So, I've been hanging around desperately watching for the band members to say something funny/interesting/revolutionary. But they wouldn't. (Actually, lots of interesting things were done and said, but I don't have the required skill level to draw them).

The answer came to me in a blinding flash! Well, actually, the answer limped to me, clutching at his sides and wheezing. I knew that stagger. I knew that wheeze. I knew the look of happiness despite the obvious physical pain he was in. I knew it, because I too have felt that way.

20 minutes later, Toma and I were still discussing the amazing healing powers of the Jojo Hug. Sincerely, it's like being a tube of toothpaste, and having some hand squeeze all the negativity out of you. Sure, you end up all bent out of shape, but that negative toothpaste just aint going to be able to go back in.

Trust me, if you're her pal, and having a bad day, get yourself a Jojo Hug. It will sort you out. However, if you're some random person on the street do NOT try to get a Jojo Hug. You will surely be stabbed. Severally. With Umbrellas.

1 comment:

  1. I need a Jojo Hug, not just to cheer me up (which it sounds like it would surely do), but to get my blood flowing in this freakishly wintry autumn!

    PS: Am your old roomie - so keep your unmrella away!