Monday, May 25, 2009


Sometime's it's about the journey, right?
(Video by Just A Band)

When we started the flawbymurfy blog, the original intention was to let the fans into the process. Sure, people have seen us on stage, experience the costumes and the songs and the (mostly failed) stage acts, but we figured there was so much more going on behind the scenes in the journey to shows that we wanted to share with you.

My thinking was that, if the fans could experience with us, the humdrum process that is "being a band"; the torture of playlists and practices, injuries, mood swings, fights and stolen plectrums and sudden blackouts, then they would appreciate the gigs more.

I imagined the masses laughing, crying and hoping with us, as we battled against odds, took paths less traveled, climbed every mountain, tortured every cliche, and finally!, made music history. We'd be famous! And, on top of that, we'd be adored. Then, 9 sent us this link , from which I discovered that to seek Fame means you come from an awful broken home.

Well, I'm not going to give my family that reputation! Why, you ask? Because,it just finally hit me that our entire fan base is built up of our brothers, sisters, parents and friends. (Ha! to the people who were thinking we came from unhappy homes!) These guys already know everything there is to know about the struggle to get a show on the road (or up a flight of stairs to Dass).

They've rearranged their lives to include our practice times. They've helped us find places to practice. (Occasionally, they've also kicked us out of practice spaces ;-) They've provided transportation to gig locations, and carried our equipment up and down billions of stairs. They've called radio stations DEMANDING our songs be played. They've bought dozens of copies of our album, and given them to other people, as presents.

So there's nothing new they could pick up on the blog that they didn't know about us already.

So, to our dear loving fans, we love you back.

And now, having released myself from the bondage of talking about Murfy's fLaW, I can do what I'd intended to do from the beginning of this post.

Talk about other bands. :-)

In our next issue, we explore... why do we love the bands we love? Featuring our warped opinions on two bands who manage to get the art of sharing "Process" right. Just A Band, and Linkin Park.

PS And the other ulterior motive for writing this post, I'm a member of the LP Street Team, so check out the trailer for "New Divide"

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