Thursday, February 10, 2011


Say What?!


H[EAR] ON MUSIC by N. Arthur

Residents in the leafy suburbs of an upscale residential area in Nairobi were on Monday night kept awake by the one thing their high-priced security companies cannot keep away. Nightrunners.

SAY What!? investigative journalist, N. Arthur, happened to be on the scene:

The first clue was the strange noises. I was taking my regular evening walk, when from the darkness, I heard rhythmic chanting. The eerie sound chilled me to the bone. Strangely though, the chanting felt strangely familiar. I then noticed a shape approaching with unnatural speed.

Instinctively, I ducked behind a tree, keeping an eye on the road.

Within the shadowy form, I noticed two bright green spots. I watched transfixed as the green orbs floated towards me, before I realised that they were actually a pair of eyes, glowing with a radioactive glare. The darkness took the shape of a person, and all the pieces fell into place!

The chanting… The unnatural speed… The glowing green eyes… I was looking at a night runner!

With no regard for my safety, I leaned towards the road, took a picture with my handy camera, and hid behind the tree again.

Reema with Radioactive Eyes But the shock wasn’t over! As I sat later at my computer, downloading the pictures, I realised that I recognized the nightrunner! No wonder the chanting was familiar! For there, before me, was a picture of none other than Reema, lead singer of Murfy’s fLaW.

Thinking back, I realised that the night runner’s chant had sounded like the chorus of one of their songs!

The residents of the neighbourhood seem familiar with these strange goings on.

“She does this regularly,” an unnamed source said, “Usually about 3 times a week. She talked some of us into accompanying her, and I have to say, these runs have really improved my life”

According to local lore, the typical behaviour for Night Runners is to kick people’s doors, throw sand through any opening, throw things on the roof, and especially iron sheet roofs which make a lot of noise. They take pleasure in disturbing people’s sleep. [Source]


  1. he he he! How come there's no mention of one very important fact about Night Runners. Something about their birthday suits... :-)

    When you do your first music video (if you haven't already) there should totally be a whole lot of running in it. In slow motion!

  2. @kenyarockfilmfestivaljournal Nightrunners tend to be very casual, Suits optional :-)
    As for first music video, please proceed to youtube for a glance