Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Say What?!


H[EAR] ON MUSIC by N. Arthur

The music video for Michael Jackson’s Black or White was released in 1991. Controversy was generated concerning the last four minutes of the original music video. Jackson walks out of the studio as a black panther and then morphs into himself. [View on YouTube] It helped usher in morphing as a new technology in music videos.

SAY What!? investigative journalist, N. Arthur, who has carried out extensive scientific studies of the band Murfy’s fLaW, reports on this morphing “technology”.
During my usual evening walk, the twilight light lit the street with a blue hue that brought to mind the ending of Michael Jackson video for Black or White.

Everyone says the Black Panther-Michael Jackson transformation was just camera tricks, but recently I have come to the realisation that this transformation can be done without any video manipulation.

My reporter instincts kicked in when, from the windows of a restaurant, I could heard a band playing what sounded like Murfy’s fLaW song Rumours.

I walked into the venue, and sure enough Murfy’s fLaW was playing. I immediately understoond why the song sounded different. Vicky was not drumming, someone else was there instead! The band went into a wild instrumental solo, and Reema, the lead vocalist leapt off the stage to mingle with the audience.

“Where is your drummer?” I managed to ask as she danced circles past me.
“Kanvar? He’s on stage, taking a solo,” Reema replied as she danced back, arriving on stage just in time to begin the a capella intro to All I Know.

But where did Vicky go? I wondered. As if in answer to my silent query, the stage was suddenly flooded in light as the instruments came back in full volume, riding on the syncopated beat of Vicky attacking the bass drum.

I was absolutely stunned. So, Vicky was drumming, what happened to Kanvar? I looked at the band, but they carried on playing, not seeming to notice that their drummer had magically transformed into someone else!

Luckily, I some lovely interent people sold me a genuine $100 degree from Cambridge University, A PhD in The Art of Being Scientific.  So before I jumped to conclusions, I knew I’d need proof. I set out to do this by asking myself a set of rigorous questions.

Q1. Do Kanvar and Vicky both play drums?

A1. Yes.

Q2. Have Kanvar and Vicky been seen playing drums for Murfy’s fLaw at the same time?

A2. No.

Based on this elaborate scientific methodology, I am now confident in believing that Kanvar and Vicky are the same person.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We are pleased to announce that SAY What!? investigative journalist, N. Arthur, has been nominated for the SAWA AWARD OF MUSIC JOURNALISM for his brilliant Investigative Reporting.


  1. guys are insane! And that investigative journalist...needs to find another job!

  2. Kanvar has bigger eyes than Vicky, Vicky is not Indian, Kanvar is...what am I saying! Akh! Your insanity becomes you.

  3. Okay... I just felt a chill run down the back of my neck. It's that uncanny!